Shayne is a designer in Seattle.

Amazon Advertising: Motion

Advertisers use animated wake screen ads on Amazon's Fire tablet devices to draw customers in by introducing subtle motion as cinemagraphs. I created 100+ animated wake screens primarily for mobile app advertisers.


Rich media ads connect with customers, often leading to higher click-through and engagement rates. Advertisers use animated wake screen ads on Amazon's Fire tablet devices to draw customers in by introducing subtle motion as cinemagraphs. Adding simple elements of animation that complement the message of the ad enhances the customer experience.

I created 100+ animated wake screens using Adobe After Effects primarily for mobile app advertisers. Many app advertisers find success in using animated wake screens to show character movement, gameplay footage, or subtle eye-catching effects. I also created one animated gateway ad on the homepage of

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Any brand can connect to millions of customers across devices who find, discover and buy at Amazon. When creating display advertising for customers, Amazon's in-house designers insist on the highest standards to present Amazon customers with timely, relevant, and beautiful advertising that enhances their shopping experience. Amazon always keeps the end-customer in mind in order to deliver meaningful experiences to them.

The team I’ve been a part of for over 3 years is the Advertising Design & User Experience (ADX) team which is Amazon Media Group’s internal creative agency. By building emotional experiences, brand connections, and innovative solutions, ADX connects advertisers with customers for both endemic and non-endemic brands. Because ADX's commitment is to the Amazon customer first, we consistently deliver creative that pushes the boundaries of Amazon’s ad and media products.


Mobile app advertisers utilize Amazon advertising to achieve their marketing goals by leveraging Amazon's exclusive first-party shopper data to drive installs with higher lifetime value users and reach Amazon customers on exclusive in-app placements across devices. The most common advertiser goal is to acquire new users to their app game. Less common are user retention and awareness. Almost half of the animated wake screen ads served on Fire tablet devices are for mobile app games.

What's unique about the Amazon Appstore is it reaches "big spenders". Amazon has created a frictionless in-app purchase environment that leads to a higher value user. Mobile app advertisers typically run ads on Fire tablet that drive to the Amazon Appstore to install their game.

Mobile Game Spenders Per Appstore

Source: NewZoo, Dec 2014

  • iOS App Store

  • Google Play

  • Amazon Appstore


Fire tablet is a unique advertising platform. Ad packages include the wake screen (full-screen ad on the lock screen), offers tile, and landing page. They are designed for eighteen devices across multiple generations. Amazon offers many types of Fire tablet ad executions, including animated wake screens.

Fire tablet users expect compelling, pixel-perfect ads worthy of their device’s high-quality screen. Fire tablet campaigns have the power to deliver meaningful experiences for customers. Balanced, simple, respectful, and smart are the four characteristics that are used as design principles for creating ads that connect with Fire tablet customers.

Fire tablet ads are not just banners but rather full-screen canvases integrated into the device itself.

They are required viewing, and yet they never interrupt the customer experience on device.

Advertising to Amazon customers is a privilege that should never be taken for granted.



Adding subtle animation to a Fire tablet wake screen leads to higher click-through and engagement rates. Animated wake screens are one of many ad offerings from Amazon. They require motion design support from ADX to bring static images to life. Amazon offers two tiers of animated wake screens—standard and custom—which differ in the amount of animated elements.

There are some unique guidelines for animation in order to provide the best experience for Fire tablet customers. When animation is used, it is restrained, fluid, smooth, must complement the design and support the message of the ad. Animated wake screens are limited to 7 seconds but may be set to loop and can't contain audio.

Animated wake screens are a high-demand product for mobile apps advertisers because they drive a higher CTR than static wake screens. Almost half of the animated wake screen creative requests for ADX each year come from mobile apps advertisers. Since I was aligned with the mobile apps category and knew motion design, this kept me busy. I created 100+ animated wake screens. At Amazon, these were some of my most favorite projects to work on.