Shayne is a designer in Seattle.

ASOS Studio App

ASOS Studio is an app concept that answers these questions by connecting 20something fashion-lovers with fashion designers.


What if we could connect with the fashion designers who make the clothes we love? What if new or established fashion designers could share their work and build a following? ASOS Studio is an app concept that answers these questions by connecting 20something fashion-lovers with fashion designers.

I independently designed this app concept as a student at Western Washington University.

2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards Web & Application Design Semifinalist


ASOS strives to become the number one online fashion destination for 20somethings worldwide. It aims to inspire and engage with its audience on a daily basis in a way that feels credible, authentic and cool. Today’s 20something consumers are more inspired by the clothes they see on the street, celebrities and their peers than they are by catwalk trends. However, street style, one of the biggest fashion trends of recent years, is already becoming rapidly overused.

ASOS wants to imagine what’s next after street style – how can ASOS present and share fashion inspiration in an entirely new way that engages with a future generation of global 20somethings who live on their devices?


Although I have shopped on ASOS before, I did some research on the company to understand their current offerings and how they positioned themselves in a saturated softlines market. Here’s what I learned:


Their headquarters are in Camden, North London. Millions visit ASOS around the world every day. They sell their own label and world-renowned brands. They ship to customers in over 190 countries. As of 2013, 63% of ASOS sales were outside of the UK.


A 20something fashion-lover: an avid consumer and communicator who is inspired by friends and celebrities.


More than just an online retailer, ASOS wants to be as synonymous to fashion for 20somethings as Google is to search and Facebook is to social networking. They’ll measure success through, amongst other things, their share of online traffic, the number of followers on social media sites, and, of course, sales. They are creating the best experience for their customers so they return to ASOS every day, and they’re doing it in three ways: multiple channels, distribution and merchandising.
The hub for it all.

Fashion Finder
A place to share shoppable photos of your personal style.

Where individuals and boutiques sell their new and pre-worn fashion.

ASOS Magazine
A branded publication blurring the lines between e-comm and editorial.

Social Media
ASOS has a strong social media presence.


Street style photography began as a showcase of personal style. Over the years, it exploded in popularity. It's an incredibly viral, instant, and addictive facet of fashion that’s changed lots of the ways in which fashion gets made and consumed.

In an age obsessed with immediacy, street style has joined the easy to digest media we consume on a daily basis. Just like fashion trends, over time street style became over saturated. Its ‘cool’ factor was lost. What was once a curated, influential, and refined art, has become commercialized & abused.


Thinking about the next best thing in fashion, I used my research to come up with some app ideas. My ideas ranged from users creating their own interactive fashion magazine to adding quick snapshots of inspiration to a sharable fashion story.  But what I really needed to do was talk directly to the users: 20something fashion-lovers.


I conducted some online surveys through SurveyMonkey and Google Drive. Respondents were all between the ages of 19-23; 74% female. I was able to get very detailed responses from one of the surveys and some specific data points which influenced my app concept.

  • Survey-responders with an account
    on a fashion-related website

  • Survey-responders very likely to use
    an app to shop for clothing

  • Survey-responders very likely to use
    an app to find fashion inspiration



What if we could connect ourselves to the brands that we wear and the designers who makes the clothes that we love? What if new or established fashion designers showcased their work online and connected with their followers like musicians can on Soundcloud or UX designers can on Dribbble? How can we feel a part of a clothing brand's story as much as they are a part of our daily lives?

ASOS Studio is a mobile app concept that connects 20something fashion-lovers with new and already established fashion designers through a social interaction.


Next, I browsed the appstore to find apps that were similar to my concept, going through pros and cons of each. I analyized the app, Pose, Trendabl, Lyst, Styletag and Tory Daily – reviewing them based on their design and functionality. I concluded that even though there are similar fashion apps out there, none of them gave a platform to fashion designers to connect with fashion-lovers and vice versa.


The most important part in defining my app concept was to focus on its users. First, I needed to define the goals of the users and how are they were prioritized. Then, develop a few user stories to further define the audience.

"As a new fashion designer, it’s hard to get noticed. I try to post my work on Instagram, but the site isn’t specific to my field so it’s harder to connect with the right people. With the new ASOS Studio app, I am excited to start sharing my process and my work."

"I love being a trendsetter. Combining clothes into unique outfits that I can rock at a show or on the streets is a great way to show off my personal style. I’m glad ASOS has a new app where I can connect with fashion designers so I can feel a part of their story and shop their latest pieces."

"I enjoy the fact that I can inspire others with my style. People ask me where I get my clothes all the time and I recommend brands for them to check out. Now with the new ASOS Studio app, I can do that easily. I always like to learn about new clothing designers and get inspired by their work."


The majority of the content will be user-generated through posts from both designers and fashion-lovers. They will be viewed through a stream of recent posts from those they follow. Many of the features of the app contribute to raising awareness of fashion designers’ work and connecting 20something fashion-lovers with designers and each other.

User Profiles & Followers
Whether you're a fashion designer or fashion-lover, you'll have your own profile and can follow other's feeds.

Posts & Social Sharing
Fashion designers and fashion-lovers can interact by posting, commenting, liking, or sharing.

Notifications & Messaging
Users will recieve notifications about new likes, comments, messages and followers they recieve.


To define the user flow, I mocked up a site map and sketched some of the screens.


Before diving into the app design, I gathered some inspiration and compiled it into a moodboard.


Starting with a word list and a few sketches, I landed on a logo that used the iconic canvas for fashion designers: the mannequin.


After a few iterations, I designed the primary touchpoints of the app in a series of screens. Then created a brief motion study.

Adobe Design Achievement Awards

This project along with 4 other student projects of mine were semifinalists for the 2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards.

Web & Application Design Semifinalist
ASOS Studio (Mobile App Design)
Potion (Interactive Design)
Equinox (Web Design + Prototype)

Packaging Design Semifinalist
Zocoa (Branding/Packaging Design)
Band Aid (Brandng/Packaging Design)